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The Soufriere Experience Tour

The Soufriere Experience Tour is a compressed tour which allows guests to see many angles of Soufriere in one day. Soufriere is the most scenic town in St. Lucia boasting many breathtaking sites.


This tour begins with our driver picking you up at your resort or guest house, and then we head to the Diamond Botanical Garden; home to Diamond Waterfall.

After doing a tour of the garden, we head to the Torille waterfall. Person’s aren’t allowed to bathe directly under the Diamond Waterfall, but guests can jump under Torille waterfall if they so desire.

After getting all soaked up we head to the sulphur springs park where guests choose to either do the mineral mud bath or get close and personal with the volcano by doing a tour with the very knowledgeable tour guides.

With all that fun, we will surely be hungry, and so we head to a local restaurant for lunch where guests will get to enjoy our local cuisine. 

Once we are all filled we head to the Tete Paul nature trail which has the most Breathtaking view of the pitons.

Finally to close our day we get to take pictures near the world heritage monument and then head back to your resort.

This tour is perfect for those who are not on the island for  long but who would love to leave feeling as if they have experienced almost everything St. Lucia has to offer. It is also perfect for those who want to infuse as many adventures as possible in one day because they would love to do many other things during their time here that would each probably take most of an entire day like a sea tour, climbing the pitons or an adventure on an old sugar plantation, after all St. Lucia has so much to offer.

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